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The type of preparation that will be necessary prior to your surgery will depend on what surgery will be performed and the type of anesthesia that will be administered.

Reconstructive plastic surgery may require multiple procedures done in several stages.

The following are considerations for you to discuss with your physician/surgeon prior to your procedure:

Do not wear makeup the day of surgery, including nail polish. Do not wear eye contact the day of surgery. Leave valuables and jewelry at home. Advise the medical staff of dentures or other prosthetic devices you may be wearing. Be sure to arrange all insurance coverage prior to surgery, as many insurance carriers do not cover many types of plastic surgery procedures (particularly cosmetic procedures).Be sure to arrange a ride home after your procedure.

List of Services For Plastic Surgery

Diabetic Foot/Gangrene Disease

  • Diabetic Foot Wound/ Gangrene Treatment

Skin/Flap Grafting Disease

  • Skin/Flap Grafting Treatment

Burns Injury

  • Burns Injury Treatment

RTA/Trauma Injury

  • Tendon And Muscle Injury Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Cosmetic Surgery Treatment