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Surgical oncology includes a team of professionals, such as surgical oncologists, physician’s assistants, advanced practice and registered nurses, and supportive team members. While surgery is often the primary treatment method for various endocrine tumors, it is often used along with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other treatment modalities. Surgical oncology teams may perform ambulatory as well as inpatient procedures.

They are involved with preventive measures, detection of premalignancies or malignancies, diagnoses, preoperative care, resection, disease staging, postoperative care, restorative procedures, rehabilitation, disease surveillance, emergency care, and palliative treatments.

List of Services For Onco Surgery

Tongue, Cheek and Neck Swelling Cancer

  • Tongue, Cheek and Neck Swelling Cancer Treatment

Abdominal Cancer Surgery

  • Abdominal Cancer Surgery Treatment