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Ami Hospital is one of the best General Surgery Hospital in Vadodara Known For Appendix Treatment, Hernia Problem, Piles Pain, Etc…

The department of thoracic surgery specialises in the surgery of the chest (thorax) to treat diseased or injured organs in the thorax, including the esophagus, trachea, pleura, mediastinum, chest wall, diaphragm, heart, and lungs.

The department also encompasses accidents and injuries to the chest, esophageal disorders (esophageal cancer or esophagitis), lung cancer, lung transplantation, and surgery for emphysema.

We also provide thoracic surgery in lung cancer, chest trauma, esophageal cancer, emphysema, and lung transplantation.

Hernia Treatment

  • Open Hernia Repair
  • Laproscopic Hernia Repair

Appendix Treatment

  • Open Appendectomy
  • Laproscopic Appendectomy


  • Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Laser Hemorrhoidectomy

Fistula In Ano

  • Laser Fistulectomy
  • Open Fistulectomy